Tax exclusion +8%

Body Care

Approach by SHIATSU to the deep part of the muscle. It is recommended for people with pain stiff shoulders and low back pain

30 min  ¥2500 (Half Body)

60 min  ¥4500

90 min  ¥6500

120min ¥8500



Oil Treatment

Use the original blended oil to lead a gentle and deep sleep. It is recommended for people like gentle treatment and want to relax.

60 min   ¥5000

90 min   ¥7000

120 min ¥9000

Foot Massage

Using foot reflexology techniques to stimulate inner organs and other area of the body.

It is recommended for people who walked a lot on sightseeing.


30 min  ¥3000

40 min  ¥4000


It is a course combining body care and oil massage. How about little luxury for your  travels?


20min body care + 20min Foot massage

…¥ 3500

60min oil treatment + 20min hand

…¥ 6500



Tax exclusion +8%